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Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock with Google and Smart Home Assistant, for Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi

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Mi Smart Clock, Xiaomi's Smart Clock with Sunrise Alarm Feature and Google Assistant

3.97-inch touch display - 800x480p resolution - Sunrise alarm feature - Digital photo frame - 40mm speaker - Two far-field microphones - Integrated Google Chromecast - Google Assistant compatible

Mi Smart Clock, the Xiaomi's smart bedside alarm clock designed to change the world.
This amazing clock with 3.97-inch display and good quality sound not only displays the time and weather condition but also reminds you of the day's events... Wakes up naturally with the Sunrise alarm feature, plays your mobile music with Chromecast and Bluetooth 5.0, solves your doubts and controls your home automation devices through Google Assistant and voice control... It's simply amazing!

Read on and we'll tell you everything in detail! Here, in PowerPlanetOnline.
3.97-inch Touchscreen and Surround Sound.
Mi Smart Clock is much more than just an alarm clock! This bedside alarm clock from Xiaomi incorporates a 3.97 inch touchscreen that, in addition to displaying the time, will also allow you to check the weather or calendar events, so that you can get your day organized.
You can even use it as a digital photo frame or as a monitor for your compatible security cameras, displaying images and text in 800x480p resolution.

Wake Up Naturally with the Sunrise Alarm
Alarm clocks... we all hate them! According to experts, waking up to the typical loud noise of an alarm clock can be harmful to your health, as it suddenly takes you out of your sleep instead of following a meticulous process with different phases of depth and lightness.
Nevertheless, these small devices are indispensable for waking up in the morning at the right time. Well, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock provides the perfect solution through the "Sunrise" alarm feature. This type of bedside alarm clock simulates sunrise, gradually increasing the brightness of the screen to emulate the sunrise and wake us up in a much more progressive and natural way. This function is also accompanied by a soft acoustic signal.

The Pleasant HD Sound and Chromecast
Come on! Play your music on your Mi Smart Clock as you arrange your room and get ready for class or work. Thanks to the integrated Chromecast, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and 40mm (1.5") speaker, feel free to send your music from your mobile and listen to your favourite songs on the clock.

Dual Microphone and Google Assistant
Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock makes everything much easier. It includes two far-field microphones and Google Assistant support, so all you need to do is use your voice to set off alarms or ask the Internet giant questions. Just say "OK, Google" and whatever you want to know and Mi Smart Clock will tell you - it's that simple!

Control Different Smart Home Devices
But that's not all... The combination of these two microphones with the Google Assistant also enables us to control other compatible home automation devices by voice. Imagine that you are already in bed snuggled up and in the perfect position... Then you will only have to give the order by voice to turn off the lights, lower the temperature of the heating, etc.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock technical specifications:


- Size: 3.97 "

- Resolution: 800 x 480 p

- Type: color, touch


- Speaker: 1x 40mm (1.5 ")

- Microphone: 2x

Technical parameters

- RAM memory: 1 GB

- ROM memory: 4 GB


- Bluetooth: 5.0 LE

- Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n

- Support: Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher

What's in the box

- 1 x Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

- 1 x Charger

- 1 x User Manual