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Tefal DoubleForce Compact Multifunction Food Processor 800 Watt White

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  • Two-speed food processor and blender in one compact appliance – ideal for smaller kitchens
  • Two motor outputs deliver the optimal speed and spinning force for each bowl for fuss-free food prep
  • 800W, 2.2L chopping bowl and 1.25L blender jug cater to all your daily food prep needs
  • With chopping blade, coarse slicing/grating disc and emulsifying disc, plus neat in-bowl storage box

Powerful motor
With its 800W motor, DoubleForce Compact processes and blends, quickly and efficiently.

Large capacity
The large-capacity 2.2L chopping bowl and 1.25L blender jug let you prepare big batches in one go.

Smart storage
The disc storage box sits neatly inside the chopping bowl to keep your worktop clutter free.

Double the force, double the options
Why choose between a food processor and a blender? Double your culinary options while taking up very little kitchen space with the DoubleForce Compact DO542140 multifunction food processor.

Like all the DoubleForce range, DoubleForce Compact has two motor outputs to give you the best of both worlds in one appliance. Finished in classic white, this space-saving device is ideal for smaller kitchens. Its compact design hides a powerful 800W motor, while the generous 2.2L chopping bowl and 1.25L blender jug will be more than ample for your everyday needs.

It comes with three attachments to cater for all your food prep tasks. Chop onions, slice potatoes, grate cheese or blend soups and smoothies, all on the same machine! The three attachments fit neatly inside the in-bowl storage box to keep your worktop tidy.

Two motor outputs in one appliance
Thanks to two motor outputs – an orange one for speed and a purple one for spinning force – DoubleForce Compact can work as a food processor and a blender.

Simply attach your chosen bowl (the chopping bowl or the blender jug) and turn the two-speed dial. DoubleForce Compact will provide the optimal combination for that bowl: low speed/high spinning force for the chopping bowl, and high speed/low spinning force for the blender jug.

No guesswork and no fiddly settings – DoubleForce Compact does the work for you! There’s also a pulse option allowing you to customise consistency.

Three attachments for easy food prep
Petite, yet packed with functionality, DoubleForce Compact will make a helpful addition to any kitchen. Attach the blender jug to mix up delicious smoothies and soups in no time. Or switch to the chopping bowl, complete with three attachments, to tackle even more kitchen tasks.

Use the stainless-steel chopping blade to chop onions and cut up meat for tasty casseroles. The reversible coarse grating/slicing disc makes light work of slicing up vegetables or grating cheese. There’s also an emulsifying disc for whipping cream and egg whites, or making quick and easy mayonnaise.

Did we mention that the chopping bowl, blender jug and attachments are dishwasher friendly too? That’ll make clean-up a breeze.