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Sonic All Stars Racing - Pull Back Kart

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YOUR CHILD WIL LOVE MAKING SONIC THE HEDGEHOG RACE - True to the game detailed licenced Speed Star and Sonic the Hedgehog racing car measuring 10cm in length and 5cm wide.

ENJOY RACING THIS TEAM SONIC CAR WITH YOUR CHILD – Sonic the Hedgehog has been proven to be unbeatable on foot in the game. Now you and your child can play together to showhe is unbeatable behind the wheels of the Speed Star.

FUN AND EASY TO RACE- Sonic the Hedgehog’s peed Star is fun and very easy to play with for 3 yrs old+ This Team Sonic Racing pullback action toy car is 9-10cm long and is so easy to race. Just pull back, release and watch Sonic ZOOM pass the other cars at Sonic the Hedgehog speed

HOURS OF RACING FUN – Since Sonic’s Speed Star is a pullback action toy racing car, it does not require charging or batteries. What more can you ask from a toy racing car that gives you hours of fun play without spending money on batteries.

BEST SONIC TOYS GIFT FOR EVERY SONIC FAN – The Sonic the Hedgehog racing car will definitely put a smile on every boy or girl who love receiving Sonic the Hedgehog toys. Will stand up to robust play for days on end.