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Philips 3 Pack Replacement Cartridges White

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  • ANTI-BACTERIAL FILTER TECHNOLOGY - Removes up to 99% of bacteria creating great tasting, safe, clean drinking water without any germs, as effective as boiling water
  • CLEAN, SAFE WATER - Tap Water can often be contaminated with microplastics, this filter removes that with the hollow fibre membrane which can not only remove micro-sized but also nano-sized particles resulting in a clean, crisp and pure tasting water
  • LONG LIFE FILTRATION - Each water filter cartridge lasts up to 60 days providing 200 litres of crisp and pure tasting water
  • HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT - Good for you, good for the planet: Switching from bottled water to pure filtered tap water reduces your carbon footprint and use of single-use plastics, saving you money and also helping the environment