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National Geographic 76/350 Telescope, Sun filter & Smartphone Adapter 9012000

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With this exciting National Geographic 76/350 Telescope, Sun filter & Smartphone Adapter you can not only see the stars at night, but you can observe the sun during the day as well!
This amazing telescope arrives completely assembled and you can be watching the stars or looking at the sun within seconds of opening the pack. With this amazing scope, rare observations such as the transit of Mercury across the sun can be observed and even recorded.
Observing the sun using a telescope would normally be very dangerous, but this telescope has a unique filter that contains a special foil. The foil protects the eye from all kinds of solar radiation during observations including infrared ultraviolet and visible light, all of which are dampened to a safe level. The safety integrity of this filter system has been checked independently by a quality assurance company.
The 76 mm objective mirror in this Nat Geo telescope has good light-gathering power and it is possible to record images on your mobile phone by using a special adapter which is supplied.
This Newtonian telescope comes supplied with a tripod and azimutal mount for instant use and the kit includes a range of eyepieces and 2 Barlow lenses giving magnification range from 18 x to 175 x.

NATIONAL GEPGRAPHIC Telescope with Solar Filter

NATIONAL GEPGRAPHIC Telescope with Solar Filter

The NATIONAL GEPGRAPHIC Newton telescope with solar filter is a highlight in its own right! The classic reflector telescope comes with everything you need to start directly.

The azimuth mount is very easy to handle, which makes this telescope especially recommendable for beginners. The highlight of this device is, however, the sun filter!

This tested sun filter not only allows you to observe the astro but also the sun.

A Smartphone holder gives you the opportunity to share your pictures and videos with friends and in social media.



  • Lens diameter: 76 mm
  • Focal range: 350 mm
  • Enlargement: 18x-175x
  • suitable for sun and sky observation
  • extensive accessory package for immediate start
  • smartphone holder for photography with mobile phone
  • easy to use azimuth mount
  • comes completely pre-assembled - it can be observed immediately without screwing


  • Nocturnal astronomical and solar observations in one
  • Look at moon, planets, sun, Pleiades, Orion Nebula and much more
  • Special filter for safe sun observation
  • Smartphone holder for photography with the mobile phone
  • Dimensions: 60x60x135 cm, Weight: 2,0 kg


NATIONAL GEPGRAPHIC Telescope with Solar Filter

NATIONAL GEPGRAPHIC Telescope with Solar Filter

NATIONAL GEPGRAPHIC Telescope with Solar Filter


A smartphone holder allows you to take pictures and videos of your observations with your smartphone and then share them with friends and in social media.

Solar filter

The special filter is attached quickly and easily and enables safe solar observations.


You can achieve different magnifications with the accessories.

Safety information

Sun observation exclusively using the included sun filter and in conjunction with this telescope. The sun filter must be mounted in front of the lens, i.e. before the sunlight enters the telescope