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Little Live Pets Lil' Bird & Bird House - Pippa Peeps

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  • Lil' Birds can record and playback what you say
  • Lil' Birds react to your touch
  • Makes over 20 different bird sounds
  • Display your bird in its house
  • Ages 5+

    Little Live Pets - Lil' Birds are the sweetest birds you'll ever meet! These adorable little round birds with big, beautiful eyes come to life in your hands as you pet and interact with them. Meet Pippa Peeps - With the freshest feathers, this fruity cutie is your fun-filled friend! Gently stroke Pippa Peeps' back and she will tweet and turn her head for you! She really reacts to your touch! The more you pet, the happier your Lil' Bird will get! Pippa Peeps will chirp and tweet for longer and eventually whistle a tune for you! She loves to chat and repeat what you say! Press her talk button on her chest and say your message. Pippa Peeps will move her beak and turn her head while immediately repeating your message back to you! These colorful toy birds will brighten your day with over 20 bird sounds to sing! Pippa Peeps lives in her own adorable Bird House! The Bird House can sit on its stand or hang from its hook. You can even link different Bird Houses together to make an amazing linkable hanging display for your Lil' Birds to play and live in! Pippa Peeps has fruit themed wings and decorations. Collect the other Lil' Birds! Each one has decorations and features on their wings and faces that relate to a certain theme. Get them all to form your own fabulous flock!

    1 X BIRD
    1 X HOUSE