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Little Live Gotta Go Flamingo

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Gotta Go Flamingo is the funniest & hippest interactive Flamingo! He'll make you laugh as he wiggles and jiggles his neck and repeats what you say! After feeding him, he'll let you know that he's just 'Gotta Go' and do a 'poop' into the loo! Just feed him some more and he'll go again and again. You'll just keep laughing as he sings his hilarious 'Gotta Go' song!

Feed me and watch my neck wobble and wiggle!

Watch me do a 'magic poop' – it will make you giggle again & again!

Listen to his hilarious 'Uh Oh Gotta Go! ' song.

I repeat what you say!

Includes Feeder, Magic Poop & demonstration batteries.