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George Foreman Medium Fit Grill - Versatile Griddle, Hot Plate and Toastie Machine with Improved Non-Stick Coating and Speedy Heat Up Black

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George Foreman 25810 Medium Fit Grill - Versatile Griddle, Hot Plate and Toastie Machine

Fits into your life

The George Foreman Medium Fit Grill, is the ultimate mealtime friend that has you covered in the kitchen. With a Smaller Footprint and Space Saving Design, providing a more streamlined grilling– it just got serious. The Space Saving Design, means you can enjoy simpler storage without even having to compromise on your cooking. Combining a Shiny Black with Matt Finishes, this grill not only looks great in your kitchen but will help you eat well more often.

  • Space Saving Storage Solution-No Reduction on Performance
  • Speedy Heat Up
  • Vertical Storage with Cord Wrap

Vertical Storage with Cord Wrap

Designed for Vertical Storage, the Medium Fit Grill saves you valuable cupboard space in the kitchen. And the handy Cord Wrap helps keep everything intact, so storing your grill away has never been easier.

Easier to Clean

With an Improved Non-Stick Coating, the Medium Fit Grill has plates that are 2 x easier to clean**, so that you can Clean in 1 Wipe*. Making cleaning-up quick and easy, simply wipe the plates down with a damp sponge or cloth.

160% Faster Heat Up^ ^

You can always count on George Foreman to bring you a premium grilling performance. Thanks to the Speedy Heat-Up time, you can cook up your favourite dishes, quicker than ever. With a 160% Faster Heat Up^ ^, you can enjoy freshly cooked food with friends, from switch on to plate in under 6 minutes+ .

Branded Inner Plate

The Medium Fit Grill has been designed with Internal Branding, that looks great when your grill is open and cooking up your favourite foods.


Whenever you’re short on space or time, the Medium Fit Grill is on your side. With a Speedy Heat-Up, the grill has a 160 Times Faster Heat Up^ ^ . And thanks to its Non-Stick Coating, you can grill up flavoursome favourites without your food sticking to your grill. The Clip-in Drip Tray will collect excess fat in one place, while the Vertical Storage will help you store the grill in tight spaces.

• Space Saving Storage Solution-No Reduction on Performance

• Vertical Storage with Cord Wrap

• Improved Non-Stick Coating

• Speedy Heat Up

• Branded Inner Plate

• Adjustable Rear Foot

• Clip In Drip Tray