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Geomag 770 Mechanics Magnetic Sticks and Balls Building Set, Magnet Toys for STEM, Creative, Educational Construction Play, Swiss-Made Innovation, Confetti 35 Pieces

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  • The set includes metallic balls, magnetic rods and mechanical elements made from plastic to create a compass
  • Geomag is the famous magnetic construction toy in the world, consisting of magnetised rods and metallic balls
  • Because of the magnets positioned at each end of them, the rods stick to the balls, allowing you to build whatever comes into your mind
  • Geomag products qualify for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category, which indicates an interdisciplinary approach to learning
  • Swiss Made quality All the products are in line with the strictest European and international safety standards

Our Geomag Mechanics range stimulates creativity, inventiveness and intelligence by adding mechanical elements to the constructions. Parts of the structures are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions generated by magnetic attraction and repulsion

Chain reaction
With a simple movement of the hand or with the help of a "compass rod" the structure will be set in motion, triggering a chain reaction due to magnetic attraction and repulsion

Expand the magnetic system
Mechanics is the expansion of the classic platform with mechanical elements that fit perfectly with the original construction system made up of bars and balls

System of horizontal rotation
The horizontal rotation modules allow you to design solid structures by simplifying the act of building with the use of fewer bars and balls

The innovative Geomagworld platform allows you to learn the basic principles of magnetism and mechanics through play.

The magnetism specialists
Magnetic toys are a universal language that we are trying to spread around the world by continually expanding our distribution.

This box contains magnetic rods and non-magnetic metal balls that allow you to create any structure you want

Play and learn
Our games educate the mind as well as emotions. The Geomag products help children of all ages to develop their imagination and their curiosity through the science of magnetic construction

Swiss quality
The search for quality is the guiding principle that governs all of our actions: from the moment of conception to that of realization.

Safe play:
The Geomag factory meets the most rigorous European safety standards