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Energizer 18v Cordless Mini-Saw

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  • A compact and easy-handling cordless mini-saw - a must-have for the keen DIYer!
  • New-generation Li-Ion battery-power - enjoy rapid charge-times and lengthy run-times
  • Highly versatile, with three different blades supplied as standard
  • Laser-guide for accurate tracking of the cutting-path

Enjoy superb cutting-performance and lightweight, ergonomically-optimised handling with our powerful 18v cordless mini-saw!

An essential bit of kit for anyone regularly tackling DIY projects, it comes with two of our advanced 2Ah lithium-ion batteries that offer lengthy run-times and rapid charge-times; and which, unlike lower-tech nickel-cadmium units, will retain their charge when not in use.

Capable of cutting through pretty much any material the amateur DIY enthusiast is likely to encounter, the versatile Energizer® 18v Cordless Mini-Saw is supplied with the following 85mm circular saw-blades: a fine-cutting 40-tooth blade; an aggressive 24-tooth tungsten-tipped blade; and a hard-wearing diamond blade.

This high-specification mini-saw weighs just 1.7kg and benefits from a laser-guide that ensures you’ll be able to achieve a high degree of accuracy.