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Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Mint 20g

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These four local ladybirds kThe Health Store Organic the secret to a truly refreshing bath: fresh mint leaves. Each day they ferry the freshest leaves from the forest to give their bath a minty flourish. It’s a long, tiring day’s work but more than worth it to wallow in a lovely, reinvigorating bath.

One day, they find Oswald the Tortoise stuck on his back unable to roll back onto his feet. With a heave-ho our ladybirds help him back upright.

To repay their kindness, he helps them collect the most luscious mint leaves imaginable for the most refreshing mint bath they’ve ever had the pleasure of splashing in. You can too indulge in these delightful mint bars, good old Oswald.

These 20g Mint choc bars are made using our UTZ/Rainforest alliance chocolate. 

UTZ was an organisation set up to help farmers and Rainforest Alliance was set up to protect the environment.  They joined forces recently which means the farmers and the environment benefit from the cocoa we buy.

They formed in response to the critical challenges facing humanity: deforestation, climate change, systemic poverty, and social inequity. They combined their respective strengths to build a future in which nature is protected and biodiversity flourishes; where farmers, workers, and communities prosper; and where sustainable land use and responsible business practices are the norm.

At The Health Store Organic Choccy HQ we make sure that all our packaging is recyclable and we send 0% waste to landfill. Our wonderful The Health Store Organic family includes several amazing people with autism.