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Campart Travel BQ-6840 Charcoal Barbeque Albufeira

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  • Charcoal barbeque with built in fan
  • Heats quickly to optimum temperature with continuous Air flow
  • Compact size, easily transported in included carrier bag
  • Heat resistant housing
  • Bottle opener included
  • Lightweight just 4. 8kg

Campart Travel Charcoal Barbeque Albufeira
The Campart Travel BQ-6840 Charcoal Barbeque Albufeira offers the luxury of cooking outdoors no matter where you are.

Well Designed
The Campart Travel BQ-6840 Charcoal Barbeque Albufeira has a built in battery powered fan, which quickly heats the charcoal to an optimimum temperature for cooking in just 15 minutes. It also produces a continuous air flow while you cook, providing a consistently warm temperature. The temperature of the barbeque is easy to control with the well designed temperature control at the front. The built in fan on the barbeque is removable, or when is use requires four AAA batteries. No batteries? No worries, this barbeque is also USB rechargable.

The surface of the Campart Travel BQ-6840 Barbeque is 29.5cm in diameter, providing adequate space to prepare a meal for your friends and family. The high quality cast iron grill plate is detachable and easy to clean. The heat resistant housing of this barbeque means that the outside of the item barely gets hot, also making this a very safe and family friendly product.

Also included is a baking plate lifter, which conveniently has a bottle opener on the end. So relax, and enjoy those long summer evenings.

Compact and Easily Transported
Easy charcoal barbequing, anywhere.
The total dimensions of the Campart Travel BQ-6840 are just 34 x 34 x 19.5cm, and it fits neatly inside the included carrier bag. With a weight of just 4.8kg this barbeque can be easily transported to a campsite, beach, park or festival.

  • Taste and smell of charcoal BBQ
  • Built in battery powered fan for for quick and easy outdoor cooking
  • Heats quickly to optimum tempertaure
  • Easy tempertaure control
  • Surface 29.5cm in diameter
  • Carrier bag with strap included
  • Lightweight, just 4.8kg
  • Hot in just 15 minutes
  • Easy to clean
  • Handy bottle opened attached