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Phineas & Ferb Scratch Art Activity Set

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It's no surprise that Phineas & Ferb has become a smash hit with kids - it's about two brothers getting up to mischief and annoying their sister, Candace, with tons of music and it all happens during their summer holiday! What's not to love? Well, now when you're taking your children on their summer holidays, or just need to spend some time on a car, plane or train, you can keep your kids entertained with the Phineas & Ferb Scratch Art Activity Set. Travelling on any long journey with children presents parents with a unique challenge - how do you keep your kids entertained when they have to sit in one place for hours? Luckily, our range of Scratch Art Activity Sets make for lots of fun on the go. Instant play with the scratch-on-figures in the child's favourite universe, where stand up figures bring a third dimension to play. Travelling will never be boring again!

Product Features

  • A great Scratch Art Activity Set to keep your kids entertained on long journey
  • Scratch-on figures, colouring pencils, postcards, colouring and activity sheets for on the go fun