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Nerf Bunker Battle Switch

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Taking blaster play to the next level. This inflatable obstacle shaped like a crate has a large 3-way valve for easy inflation and deflation. Integrated ammo cache and stability system for outdoor play. With Bunkr game cards to extend game play and team challenges.

  • 1 NERF BUNKR Deluxe flocked top dual chair
  • 1 NERF BUNKR Footrest.
  • Ideal for NERF parties, dart blaster play, laser tag, dart arrow tag and water blasters. Are you ready?
  • New integrated foam dart storage feature allows for easy blaster re-load during battle (Foam darts not included)
  • High visibility HD graphics with bright colours and realistic features
  • For indoor/outdoor use. Add water to the water base of your BUNKR for additional stability in windy conditions (Water base included in selected models only)
  • Integrated target on bottom of selected bunkers
  • Three-way valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • Ages 8+