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MiDeer Children Mini Projector Sleeping Stories Perform Projector (Blue)

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1. Product material: ABS plastic
2. Packing: gift box packaging
3. Packing size: about 23 x 16.5 x 7cm/9.06 x 6.50 x 2.76in
4. It adopts brand new optical components to upgrade the projection technology for bigger and clearer imaging.
5. Projection distance: the farther the distance, the greater imaging will be. A reasonable focal length projection is about 50-150cm.
6. It is simple, fun and easy to use for clearer imaging, and just gently rotate to focus.
7. The product is powered by 2 pieces of AAA batteries, please prepare it by your own.

How to use:
01. Insert slide film (4 styles of familiar fairy tales, insert the card slot to experience a small theater without leaving home)
02. Press the flashlight switch (the flashlight uses 2 pieces of AAA batteries, insert the battery for use, and the switch is loose and easy to push)
03. Rotate the projector focal length (according to the test, a reasonable projection distance of about 50-150cm, please ensure the projection distance to adjust the clarity)
04. Turn the handle to switch the slide (press the handle at the side of flashlight to switch to the next picture to make it easier to explain the story)