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Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Blonde

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Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby captures the joy and messiness of feeding time! Put baby's bib on and sit her at her feeding tray while you mix up her favourite food. When you offer baby her spoon, she’ll open wide, giggle, move and ask for more! When she’s finished, give her a drinking cup. Uh-oh! Time to change baby's nappy! With over 50 real baby sounds and phrases, realistic doll expressions, a special interactive spoon, two doll food packets, bib, drinking cup and two nappies (additional food packets and nappies sold separately), this adorable baby doll makes feeding and changing time feel oh-so-real and oh-so-FUN for little mummies and daddies! It’s a great toy or gift for children aged 3Yrs+ and up. Baby Alive and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.